Intercessions of the Godde Bearer

Dear Comunidad,

The Weeping Icon of the Mother of God “of the Sign” at Novgorod has been in my meditations as of late. Whether this is informed by the Nativity season or something more random, I think the timing probably couldn’t be better.

During this season I become acutely aware of how diminished the position of the Most Holy Theotokos, the Godde Bearer, has become in our society, even within Christian circles. It breaks my heart that the mother of all mothers is relegated to an after thought or footnote.

Now is a splendid time to cast our eyes on Godde through the intercessions of the Mother of our Lorde, for just as the Theotokos gave birth to Christ in a bodily way, so we must, give birth to Christ in an unbodily or spiritual way. In so doing, we imitate Her practical spiritual life, including the purity and humility by which She formed Her free will into perfect obedience to the Will of Godde.

Recibir a Cristo,

A prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos, by St Peter of Damascus

Blessed Queen of the universe,
thou knowest that we sinners have no intimacy with God whom thou hast borne.
But, putting our trust in thee,
through thy mediation we thy servants prostrate ourselves before the Lord:
for thou canst freely approach Him since He is thy son and our God.
Thus I, too, unworthy believer that I am, entreat thee, holy Queen,
that I may be allowed to perceive the gifts of grace bestowed on thee
and on the other saints,
and to understand how thou dost display so many virtues.
Simply thy giving birth to the Son of God shows that thou excellest all other beings.
For He Who, as creator of all,
knows all things before they come into existence
found thy womb worthy of His indwelling.


About Eva K. Delgado
I am a 30-something queer Latina seeking Christ. I believe that we are called to seek out God in and through community. I am just trying to figure out what that means in my life.

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