Reflections on the Eve of Nativity

Dear Comunidad,

So, we are on the eve of our Saviour’s birth. While I am sure many people are finishing up their holiday shopping, wrapping those final gifts and anticipating the arrival of their families, I am sitting here – glass of wine in hand – reflecting on the most unconventional Nativity that I am embarking on this year.

I am not going home to see my family this year. I am somewhat church-less this year. I am single this year. I am technically homeless this year.

To say that 2010 was a year of significant life changes would be an understatement – home changes, job changes, relationship changes, friendship changes,…shall I go on? The details are neither here nor there, but collectively they have left me yearning for renewal, to re-examine and re-define what restoration and redemption means in this time of my life. I can’t think of a better time to take pause to reflect than now, as the birth of our Lord draws near.

ยกFeliz Navidad!

Make merry, O heaven and earth, as the Prophets foretold! Celebrate in the spirit, O Angels and [women]! Godde is born from the Virgin and appears in the flesh to those who sit in darkness and shadow. – His Beatitude Metropolitan Volodymyr, Primate, Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Recibir a Cristo,

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