Why Godde?

gen 1:27
So God created humankind in his image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.

While I hope to explore this topic in more depth on SGiC, I wanted to set forth some of my precursory thoughts to shed light on why I have chosen Godde over God (or even Goddess).

Why Godde and not God?

While radical in its design, Christianity did not emerge in a vacuum. The socio-economic and political conditions of the society of the time of Yeshua informed the faith to such an extent, infusing it with highly patriarchal norms, relegating women to secondary, often invisible positions within society and the faith.

Godde describes the Triune God, transcendent of gender. Godde is neither male nor female, yet both male and female, masculine and feminine. Godde is both Mother and Father, life giving of men and women, in Godde’s perfect image.

What does Godde mean to me?

Choosing to use the term Godde has been a highly personal journey for me. It transcends political and social constructs. By using Godde, I intend to acknowledge the deeply feminine in Godde as well as the deeply masculine. I believe using God and Goddess, referring to masculine and feminine deities respectively, limits the fullness and completeness of the Divine.

Godde expressing the Holy One who contains everything it means to be and feel masculine, and everything it means to be and feel feminine.

Rather than using the standard Lord that is used to translate Yahweh in the Hebrew Scriptures, I use Sophia-Yahweh or Sophia, almost exclusively unless quoting external texts. When speaking of the Son of Godde, I will use Christ, Jesus, Jesus Christ, and Yeshua interchangeably. Perhaps it may seem reactionary, but I tend to use feminine references and pronouns for Godde, as masculine references are used almost exclusively in church and society. It is my attempt to provide some balance in the ways in which Godde is addressed and spoken of. I will also use Sophia, Mother, her and she throughout my writing.

I do not intend to offend but to provide a broader perspective of Godde, a more full perspective.

Please take a moment to check out other discussions on Gender and Godde, some of which I have drawn from over the years:

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2 Responses to Why Godde?

  1. this step into a gender analysis of g-d encourages my heart today

    • Thanks! I know it’s not a perfect analysis, but I try. I have an affinity towards a lot of gnostic theology – Laconneau – save for a few major caveats – the divinity of Christ, the triune nature of Godde….

      I think we lose a lot of the beauty and fullness of Godde by diminishing – or even erasing – Her femininity, and diminishing, de-valuing, and silencing women’s voices within the Church. I think it’s far from what Godde intended for Her people.

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